An online education platform specifically for microgym owners.

MGU is for anyone who wants to grow a profitable microgym, without wasting time + money.

The majority of owners never had the opportunity to learn business lessons specific to the fitness industry - until now.

You'll learn the best business principles used by top-performing studios, gyms, and health clubs around the world.

I made this video to help you visualize the mission of MGU.

Hard Work Is No Longer The Variable Of Success

Everyone is working hard. The winner in your market with be the gym owner who combines their hard work with smart work.

Be The Smartest Owner In The Room

  • Increased Knowledge = Increased Revenue

    No formal business education? No problem. This course will turn you into an MBA of the fitness industry and have other owners seeking out your advice.

  • Work Smarter, Not Harder

    Work ethic isn't your problem. Your problem is a lack of experience and business knowledge in the fitness industry. That's exactly the gap this course will bridge.

  • Create The Business You Want

    You'll learn the different available strategies to grow your business and be able to choose the path that's right for your microgym.

Meet Stu

A 20-year, overnight success story and I'm here to make sure you are too - in far less time.

Stuart Brauer

In 2010, I set out to grow my business from a humble 3-figures running an outdoor boot camp into building a million-dollar microgym.

Along the way, I've learned how to streamline this process and have dedicated my life to creating content to grow your microgym.

I've consulted with some of the top fitness brands in the world and have worked with over 1,000 microgyms to achieve their version of business success.

MGU is the ultimate learning resource if you want to transition from coach to CEO.

What material is covered?

These 8 subjects are the cornerstone of every successful microgym. Each one of these is extensively broken down via various lessons + sub-courses and are continuously updated.

  • Sales

  • Retention

  • Financials

  • HR + Team Development

  • Brand Design + Strategy

  • Marketing + Social Media

  • Operational Workflow (Systems)

  • Future Planning


  • So I'm not sure if this is a good fit for me - because I'm a (manager, coach, thinking of becoming a coach or gym owner, random person, etc)

    This course is 100% for you if you need the formal education of how to run a successful microgym - by someone who has walked that walk and has installed these exact same practices into thousands of other microgyms across the world. So basically, if you're looking to learn what you don't already know - this is the school for you.

  • Can my staff have access to this information?

    They sure as fuck can - that's the whole point, right??? And guess what - it doesn't cost extra! You'll create one central login that all staff can access - no IP restrictions.

  • What if I have questions or need further explanation on a topic? a potential student may have before purchase.

    During your enrollment at MGU, you'll have access to our MGU Facebook group where you can submit questions, comments or the need for further breakdown on a topic.

  • How is this different from your consulting calls?

    Simple -the calls are more expensive and are designed for when you have the knowledge, but you need help in executing specific strategies in your business. Many owners opt to enroll in MGU and combine it with a monthly call for maximum efficacy.

  • How long will I have access to MGU?

    Your monthly subscription fee will include access to all 8 Master Courses and any updated course material for as long as your subscription is active.

  • If I can cancel at anytime, what's stopping me from paying for one month, watching all the content and then cancelling?

    Nothing. Go for it! Just make sure you're consuming the knowledge and actually executing it within your microgym.